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Matt Kay



Crash Dieting

How crash dieting can work for you and 4 powerful ways to lose weight fast

Winning is not the goal

Learn the rules of the game so you can keep playing

An imperfect moving average

Why an imperfect state of being is the best way to live your life

Why runners run

Understanding the mind set of successful people

How Fat Loss Works

Why all diets work (eventually) and the hierarchy of fat loss

Should I eat Vegan?

How to approach dieting decisions

The Trade Off

What you must ‘trade’ in order to look a certain way

How to get better at running

I asked 4 of my running mates how they got so good at running. This is what they said...

How To Lose Fat

2 simple steps to take your fat loss to the next level

A New Diet Is Not What You Need

Why talent is not enough, playing in the premier league and finding your purpose

Falling Off

How to never ‘fall off your diet’ and the best mental approach for losing weight

It's Our 8th Birthday

8 years of business lessons since opening our first FITISM gym in 2013

Accelerate Fat Loss

How to accelerate fat loss and getting what you want

Fake It

Why faking it before you make it is an essential approach to a lean, fit, healthy body

A Beautiful Science

You need reminding more than you need to be taught

Fat Loss Lessons

Fat loss lessons found in uncommon places

How To Win

How to win on bad days and the power of a workout community

Rock bottom

How to get in shape when your motivation is rock bottom

Who Not How

Who not how and why you should stop trying to change your behaviours

Habits That Last

A simple approach to developing healthy habits that last a lifetime


Why your goals could be making you fat and what to do about it

About Me

Matt Kay

I started FITISM back in 2005 as a fresh faced personal trainer with big dreams. I am incredibly proud what FITISM has become and we work harder now than we ever have to make it even better.