Falling Off

How to never ‘fall off your diet’ and the best mental approach for losing weight

The mental agility required to ‘get on and off a diet’ is exhausting.

‘Falling off a diet’ is not a problem to be solved but a dichotomy to be managed.


The way you eat [diet] and move [exercise] influences your health reflected by the way you look and feel.

In other words if you eat you are on a 'diet' and if you move you 'exercise'. The idea of being 'on' or 'off' is not an option.

Your health exists on a continuum that’s impossible to fall off.

At one end you have optimal health and at the other you have ill health.

The way your body looks and feels will change as you move up and down that continuum controlled by your daily habits.



“What habit can you apply today and continue to apply every day this week to move you closer to optimal health?”


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