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Hundreds of people have trusted in us as
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In order to achieve your goal(s) you can't ignore the need for good nutrition.
That is why all FITISM memberships include a basic nutritional approach to support your training.

If you struggle to get your nutrition right and consistently commit to healthy habits our 1-2-1 nutrition coaching could be for you. Use this page to find out more and get in touch using the form below to discuss how it can work for you.

what we offer

1-2-1 Coaching


Price per month. Minimum 3 month commitment.

Work 1-2-1 with our in-house nutritionist, Hannah to craft a bespoke nutrition strategy designed to move you closer to your goals.

Hannah combines nutritional science with habit psychology to bespoke a nutrition approach designed for you.


Our nutrition approach is founded on two things we believe to be true.

1. You want to achieve your fitness, health & body composition goals
2. You want to live a normal life and enjoy a healthy relationship with food

These two beliefs drive how we approach your nutrition and how we tailor recommendations and actions to every individual.We believe that food is so much more than fuel or a tool to manipulate your body. Food is a huge part of our culture and lifestyle and we will always consider this when making recommendations for you. You will never have to eliminate the things you love or follow a plan which alienates you from normal social occasions. You won’t find rigid meal plans, rule books or unrealistic expectations here, just evidence based practical advice that helps you accomplish what matters to you.


No matter how big or small your goal we will work with you to help you achieve it and we aren't concerned with your starting point. We work with a wide range of individuals from elite athletes to those taking their first steps into the gym.
All we ask is that you are honest with us & yourself, you’re ready for change and excited about the goals you have set.
We work with all ages and genders and understand that goals and desires change throughout an individuals life span. We also know that males and females often respond better to different approaches and have different nutritional needs, all of which will be considered when making recommendations for you. Our 4 main areas that we love to help with include; weight loss, muscle gain, improving fitness and simply enhancing over all health and diet quality.

what you get with 1-2-1 nutrition Coaching

Here are some of the tools we use to help you make long term, positive changes to your health, energy & body confidence.

Initial Consultation

To help shape a solution tailored to you - guide time 45 mins.

Body Composition analysis

Track progress throughout the month using our InBody scanner.

Progress photo's

Either taken by your coach at FITISM or by you at home, which ever you would prefer.

bespoke nutrition plans

Nutrition strategies, plans, recipes and shopping lists bespoke to you and your goals.

Weekly face to face check in

Check in with Hannah in person or on a call to review the week and set new actions - guide time 15-30 mins

Weekly feedback system

Regular weekly comms to ask question, troubleshoot all to ensure you remain on track and focused.


Enquire now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is nutrition coaching just for people who want to lose weight?

Not at all, individual nutrition coaching can help with a variety of goals aside from weight loss. These include weight gain, increasing muscle mass or improving your relationship with food. Nutrition coaching can also help those who may want to improve their overall health and longevity or reduce their risk of certain lifestyle related illnesses or conditions.

Why would I need 1:1 coaching if there are resources available on a standard membership?

With so many elements of health and fitness most of us know what we should be doing, however we don’t always do it. Coaching can help keep you accountable to a goal and also help you hone in on the habit and specific actions that will be right for you. Nutrition coaching is also a great way of reducing information overload.  Working together we will help you chose the right information and resources for you and your goals. Making it easier to stick to a more personalised approach and get the results you desire.

What does coaching involve and how much time will it take?

Working 1:1 doesn’t have to take up too much of your valuable time but we do ask for a commitment that you stay in touch and keep your coach in the loop with how you are getting on and what we can help with. If you chose to work 1:1 with a coach then you will have a 30 minute check in time available each week to check in over zoom or in person (depending on location and preference). This time is all yours and you can use as much or a little as you need. You will also have frequent communication with your coach in between these check ins for when you have quesitons or require extra support.

Does coaching involve following a specific or intense diet plan?

Absolutely not. The beauty of working 1:1 with a nutritionist is that we can tailor a plan to suit you and this can be as simple or complex as is needed, dependent on your goal. We don’t believe in fad diets and you won’t find a boring gram by gram meal plan anywhere at FITISM. Its much more important to us that your nutrition supports your goal in a way that allows you to enjoy the foods you love and not miss out on social occasions and fun. This is also a much better way to build great relationships with food and nutrition too.

Registered Nutritionist MSc

Hannah Jowett

Registered Nutritionist, MSc, ANutr

H ello, I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a both a Bachelors degree in Food Science & Nutrition and a Masters postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition. My passions lie within weight loss & weight maintenance and also gut health and the gut microbiome. I work with individuals of all ages and genders to enhance their health and longevity as well as obtain any body composition goals. I am a foodie at heart and enjoy eating, drinking and the social aspects of food as well as the science behind it. With this in mind I am what I’d like to call a “real life nutritionist” and understand that any recommendations offered to clients need to work within a real world setting and must complement their individual lifestyle.