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Hannah Jowett

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Your Fittest Quarter Yet

What will you achieve in the third quarter of 2023?

5 Ways To Enhance Your Weight Loss

My top five non-food actions to enhance your health and your weight loss potential

Can You Drink Alcohol & Lose Weight?

Two ways alcohol is interfering with your fat loss

Lose A Stone Before Summer?

You’re going to diet anyway, let's try and do it in the healthiest way possible

Mental Health Awareness Week

Can our diet influence our mental health?

Should I Take Vitamin D Supplements?

It’s finally vitamin D season, but should we still supplement?

The Biggest Nutrition Red Flags On The Internet

Find out how to tell if the nutrition information you're consuming is true or genuinely helpful.

Intrinsic or Extrinsic motivations

Can you pursue the wrong goal?

Making Progress At FITISM

How to make the best of your 13 weeks 

Your Quick Fire Guide To Dietary Fats

What are they and which do we need?

For The Love Of Carbs

5 things you may miss out on if you cut carbohydrates from your diet

Work Hard: Recover Harder

Optimising nutrition for rest & recovery


Why We Talk About It So Much

You HAVE To Be Your Own Biggest Fan!

Because you don’t know whose listening

Eating For Health Or Eating For Weight Loss

Is counting calories and losing weight the same as eating for our health?

Is Calorie Counting Essential?

Want to improve your body composition? Hannah discusses the role of calorie counting

Getting The Most Out Of Your InBody Scans

Now included in every FITISM membership

It's Not Bread

Does one food have the power to achieve radical fat loss...?

Missing The Point

The crucial weight loss step that everyone misses! 

Mind The Gap 

Most of us are aware that in order to lose fat we must be in a calorie deficit but how much is enough?

Gut Instinct

How happy are the bugs living in your gut?

The Amazing World Of The Microbiome

How resetting your gut health can help you feel better, AND lose weight

Richard's Fat Loss Story

Wilmslow man loses 1 stone on FITISM's 6 week challenge

Lesley's Fat Loss Story

Bakewell lady transforms her body on FITISM's 6 week challenge

Lent It Go

It's Pancake Day (YAY)

And The Winner Goes Too...

The story of ALPHA Female 2022.1

My Veganuary Results

Find out how Hannah got on with her Veganuary Challenge

The Power Of Accountability

Could accountability be exactly what you need to succeed?

Veganuary For Weight Loss

Should we be using the Veganuary challenge as a method for losing weight?

Why Veganuary? 

So why did I decide to go Vegan for January?

Christmas Weight Gain

Before you start a New Year weight loss programme consider this...

ALPHA Female Is Coming!

ALPHA Female is back for 2024 and we want to make this the best course yet!

Winter Weight Gain

Find out what 'actually' causes weight gain over Xmas

Which Measures Matter?

Have you ever considered your measure of success and the impact it is having on your results?


How to get more of what you want

About Me

Hannah Jowett

Hey, I’m Hannah. MSc Nutritionist, coach and FITISM’s resident problem solver. I know that taking the first step toward improving your health and fitness can be daunting but thats what I’m here for and i’m a firm believer in keeping things simple. The fitness industry was never where I though I’d end up (especially as I was always the first one to bunk off PE) but food however has always something I love and I take pride in making sure my clients can achieve their goals without restriction. I’ve come a long way since school PE and can often be found sweating it out in a HIIT class, running or lifting weights.