ALPHA Female Is Coming!

ALPHA Female is back in January 2022 after a COVID-19 hiatus and we want to make this the best course yet!

Are you a fierce female?

Girl boss?

Wonder Woman?

You get the idea… and if you identify with any of these then ALPHA Female is definitely for you.

ALPHA Female is back in January 2022 after a COVID-19 hiatus and we want to make this the best course yet!

Now we understand that a 4 week strength competition might sound little bit daunting. Especially if you’re new to fitness or just getting back to the gym in the new year, but fear not because the fitness is only one of the many element of Alpha Female.

ALPHA Female is all about inspiration, confidence and pushing beyond your comfort zone in an environment that feels supportive and safe! You will get to experience exercises and programming that you may not have tried or even heard of yet. You can test yourself to improve your scores on individual challenges or team up with the girl squad and smash a team challenge on one of the team ALPHA Nights! 

One thing that is so important to us is that ALPHA Female is open to all women, regardless of current strength, fitness levels or abilities. Its so important to set your own baseline and work from there without worrying about anyone else! In previous years we have had women aged 16 -60, ladies who have been training for years and those who have only been lifting weights for a matter of weeks and this creates a fantastic environment to learn from others and also get to know new people!

So what does an ALPHA Female journey involve
1. You’ll launch at the gym, meet your fellow FALPHAS and be introduced to the course. On this night you also have the option to do an InBody scan to track your body composition.
2. You’ll do a workout with the girls and if you’re lucky a few will hit the pub afterwards. You’ll receive your bespoke nutrition guide on email this evening too.
3. You can start to work through your ALPHA programming in the gym or tick off some of the individual challenges, setting your baseline score to improve on should you wish
4. Attend the ALPHA nights to get involved in a team challenge and catch up with the crew
5. This continues for 4 weeks until the grand finale
6. On the last night the scores will be added up, everyone meets for one final workout or challenge and then its off out for a celebratory meal where we crown the ALPHA Queen

So if this sounds like it might be up your street then make sure you download the FITISM app, log in, click 'Buy', click ‘ALPHA Female 22’, click ‘ALPHA Female COURSE £120’ and enter promo code ‘EARLYBIRD21’ which will knock you a nice £40 off.


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