The Amazing World Of The Microbiome

How resetting your gut health can help you feel better, AND lose weight

A 28 day course all about improving our gut health.

I’ve been wanting to put a course together for some time now, one that helps FITISM members feel their best and really optimise their diet but without the primary focus being calories or numbers and weight loss.

Now I know we are measuring those things during RESET however those numbers on your inBody scan are going to be a tiny part of what the course is all about.

In the 10 years (ish) that I have now been studying nutrition the one thing that is a constant source of amazement is the impact our gut has on out overall health and just how many factors the health and diversity of our gut bacteria influence. And RESET is all about optimising this and really making sure that everyone is able to be more pro-active with their gut health.

What do we mean by gut health and the microbiome?

When we talk about the gut microbiome we are referring the trillions (yep…trillions) of microorganisms which live inside the digestive tract of human beings. These include bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts,  most of which are beneficial and not harmful at all!

There are around 1000 species of gut bacteria and the combination of these is specific to each individual, even identical twins will have a different microbiome depending on their environment & lifestyle.  

The combination and quantity of our gut bacteria largely depend on our environment and our diet and can change within around 24 hours when ingesting different foods.

What do these gut bugs do?

We want to really optimise the functioning of our microbiome as they are in charge of really important aspects of our health such as…

Digesting fibre
Producing vitamin K which is essential in blood clotting
Producing compounds which regulate blood sugar levels and hunger levels
Producing neurotransmitters such as serotonin which influence mood & brain health
And this is the tip of the ice burg…more on this during the course launch.

Gut health & weight loss

I know this is what you all want to hear about so here’s a sneak peak at how your gut (and the RESET course) can help with weight loss and body fat reduction.

Like most nutrition topics theres no black and white answer to this one but it is well acknowledged now that the diversity of bacteria within your gut influences the ability to lose weight. A higher diversity and presence of certain species of bacteria can positively influence how we process foods, our levels of inflammation and out insulin resistance.

And that in essence is why I’ve popped this course help everyone improve the diversity of their microbiome whether it to be to simply feel better or whether to aid in the pursuit of weight loss.

So…see you at the RESET launch?

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Hannah Jowett (ANutr)
Associate Nutritionist

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