Which Measures Matter?

Have you ever considered your measure of success and the impact it is having on your results?

Okay, I know you're busy...

But as you have taken the time to read this blog today I want to you take a moment to stop.

Take a moment to think about what you are currently measuring and are your measurements in line with your goals?

Many people I speak to embark on their challenges wanting to improve their fitness, increase their energy and feel great about themselves. But it sometimes feels that all of these goals are forgotten when we don't see a dramatic change in the numbers and we revert to frustration and sometimes feelings of failure.

Realistically however the numerical measures are such a small part of much bigger picture and really in the grand scheme don't mean anything much at all...

Its incredibly unlikely that you'll ever walk into a party and someone complement you on your 1.8% Body fat loss that month, however they may complement how great your skin looks or how toned your arms are or how much confident you're radiating.

So (get to the point Hannah) I really urge you, especially at this time of year to check in with your goals and look to those non-numerical measures of health and fitness success! It might be that your mood is lifted, your anxiety has reduced, your energy levels are high and your finally getting a restful nights sleep. These are all worth celebrating just as much as a change in the numbers!

This doesn't mean we wont celebrate weigh loss, muscle gain and body fat reductions but lets make sure they're complemented with some less tangible but equally as awesome non-number wins too.

Speak soon,


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