Lesley's Fat Loss Story

Bakewell lady transforms her body on FITISM's 6 week challenge

"For someone who hadn’t stepped into a gym for quite a few years I was rather daunted by the challenge, but felt it was the push I needed to kickstart me into making some changes.

The 6 weeks went so quickly and I really enjoyed the variation of classes. I have felt well supported by all the coaches and I can’t believe the difference in my before and after photos. They have given me a real confidence boost! I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to see what can be achieved in the next 13 week challenge."
- Lesley

Nutritionist's Review

I’ve been working with Lesley for just over 9 weeks now, 6 of which were her 6 week challenge. The challenge is designed to kickstart great sustainable exercise and nutrition habits which can then be taken forward and become part of every day life.

Lesley really hit the ground running with her challenge and was straight into the BURN classes and started keeping a food diary from the 1s week.
Our focus was to get a bit more organised with nutrition and include more whole foods in the diet, more colour and variety and also increase protein to complement her new strength training routine.

Lesley made amazing choices and what was fantastic to hear was that she was still socialising and enjoying dinners and evenings out whilst still making progress towards her weight loss and body fat goals.

In my opinion the challenge is 20% movement and exercise and 20% nutrition actions and 60% mindset and attitude. Lesley really embraced the challenge knowing she could and would make positive changes and her pro-active approach really helped pushed for some amazing results and a real change in lifestyle.

Fast forward 3 week post challenge and Lesley is still focusing on her nutrition, attending regular classes and is still progressing with her measurements.


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