Your Fittest Quarter Yet

What will you achieve in the third quarter of 2023?

We’re officially half way through the year! Arghhhh

And thats two training cycles of 2023 complete, done, tick! So well done FITISM fam. Whether you’ve been training for 6 days, 6 months or 6 years we hope that you’re starting to feel fitter, stronger and that you’ve been ticking off some PBs in your BUILD sessions, especially during the Test week of the 13 week cycle.

If you’re new to FITISM you might be wondering what we’re talking about and what all these terms mean so let's break it down. At FITISM your training programs are split into 4 13 week cycles through the year. The trainers get their heads together every quarter to plan the workouts that are going to help you progress with your fitness and body composition goals. All you have to do is pop your trainers on and arrive on time!

We’re now in the final week of the 2nd 13 week cycle of 2023 so its time to reflect on the past 3 months and think about setting some goals for the next quarter. With this in mind here’s my advice on how to make the next 3 months your fittest ever!

1. Take 10 - 15 mins to reflect on the past 3 months

What has gone well? Have you achieved your goal? If not, why and how much does this matter to you? Do you want to strive for the same goals or something different? And if different, what matters most to you at this time of year?

2. Use the FITISM app to record the weights you’re lifting in the gym

You’re much more likely to progress if you have a log of your past achievements and can track week by week or quarter by quarter. You don’t have to record every movement but we recommend you at least track your big lifts AKA
- Back Squat
- Bench Press
- Deadlift

3. Level up your nutrition

Look out for our new nutrition guides dropping next week to help you optimise your nutrition to support your training. If you current go with the flow with food then this quarter could be the time to get focused.

4. Get accountable

Book the sessions in advance and put them in your diary, utilise your coach and share your goals with them, map out your schedule if you train with a friend and make sure you’re both turning up to session or why not try some nutrition coaching if the food side of fitness is what you find the hardest. (If you want more information on this when check out the FITISM website).

We hope this helps and I speak for everyone in the FITISM team when I say we cannot wait to see what everyone achieves in this next phase of the year! Theres been some awesome fitness journeys so far so lets make this 3 months the best yet!


PS. If you are new to FITISM, ready to get in shape and would like our help click the button below.

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