Missing The Point

The crucial weight loss step that everyone misses! 

I’d hazard a guess that anyone reading this blog has, at present or in the past considered losing weight. If that is the case how many of the following have you been guilty of...

1. Searching for a particular food or diet that will cause weight loss 
2. Starting a brand new exercise routine and overcommitting to it 
3. Seeking out supplements to assist your weight loss goals 
4. Radically changing your routine overnight 

These things can be great. The chances are you will absolutely need to make some changes to your nutrition and your exercise & some supplements may help with overall health however a lot of the time people miss one key step. 

Before any of this you have to put a stop to any habits which have been causing you to gain weight. Sounds simple right but its easy to jump straight into dramatic actions and fail to address the behaviours which have lead you to the point of wanting to lose. 

Many people steadily gain weight over months, years and sometimes decades yet wish to see this weight lost within weeks & months. This often leads to quick fixes and drastic action which may be successful in the short gain but is likely to cause re-gain in the longer term. Why? Because none of the habits which caused the initial weight gain have been addressed. 

Here's what I would recommend 

1. Scrutinise your lifestyle & really get critical.
 Pick apart your current and historic habits, identify when weight gain started and if there was anything that changed at that point
2. Be honest with yourself about what you actually do. (We often underestimate our calorie consumption and over estimate our activity levels [therefore our calorie expenditure])
3. Try to understand that if small habit changes can cause steady weight gain then small changes can have the reverse effect too. Try to address the small changes first before jumping into a drastic overnight lifestyle change 


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