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How happy are the bugs living in your gut?

Hi everyone, I know from chatting to a few people this week that some of you are on the fence about the joining the RESET course so read on for a bit more info about what its all about and how it might benefit you? 

Who currently or in the past has experienced any of the following?

- Bloating (especially after eating)
- Tiredness, struggle concentrating or brain fog 
- Upset stomach 
- Poor sleep quality 
- Fatigue 
- Sugar cravings that you just can’t shake 
- Struggle to lose weight
- Unintentional weight gain or loss
- Heart-burn and indigestion 
- Skin irritations 

Human beings are pretty complex creatures so there are of course a number of reasons why we feel these things and there is no one size fits all but if one or more of these symptoms resonate with you then you may benefit from giving your gut microbiome some love! 

All of the above can be indications that the bugs living in your gut aren’t as happy as they could be and they perhaps could do with a little help to improve their diversity and function. 

What has RESET got to do with this? 

RESET is a 28 day nutrition course with the intention of teaching and encouraging nutrition and lifestyle approaches that really help your gut microbiome thrive! 

You’ll be eating in a way which shifts the focus from calories and macros to a diet style which has the soul intention of making you and the trillions of bugs in our body as happy as they can be. Each week there will be a new nutritional tactic/method introduced to allow you to build through the course and implement some good habits that will hopefully stick for life. 

If you really engage in the course, implement the tactics and prioritise yourself and your diet then I’m confident you will see vast improvements in some of the symptoms listed above you’ll optimise the health of your gut and most importantly feel AMAZING. 

I saw this quote about the human microbiome the other day and though it was pretty awesome: “we have more bugs living within us than there are stars in our galaxy”. 

Mind. Blown. Now let's start looking after them. 

To reserve you place on RESET: Go to the FITISM app / Click ‘BUY’ / Click RESET and follow the steps. Book onto your launch session in Bakewell or Wilmslow.


PS. If you are new to FITISM, ready to get in shape and would like our help click the button below.

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