You HAVE To Be Your Own Biggest Fan!

Because you don’t know whose listening

It’s January (still), its goal setting season and it’s the time of enthusiasm, big plans and jumping into new things. This is super exciting, of course but what about the dark side of goal setting. What about the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing quite where you sit within the realms of your new endeavour and for a lot of people this also involves a time period of feeling like you’re not very good at something.

No one likes this but if I have one piece of advice it would be this…OWN IT! Enjoy being “crap” and don’t ever apologise for your achievements. Because they are achievements and not celebrating them is doing yourself and the people around you a disservice.

Here's why...

  1. Being relatively pants at something is an incredible place to be because the growth comes so quickly! If you’ve just started lifting in the gym you’re going to be hitting PBs each week and doubling your weights within weeks. If thats not a confidence boost then I don’t know what is.
  1. If you don’t achieve your goal or feel you’ve failed you realistically can only land in two places. The first being exactly where you started, this never feels great but you’re no worse off OR second scenario is you learn loads about either why the process wasn’t quite right or why it may not have been the right goal in the fist place. (No one wants to spend months chasing something they don’t really want)
  1. Not celebrating your efforts or putting yourself down is an indirect way of saying that someones else's matched effort was also not good enough. As a coach I think I hone in on this more than your average Joe but phrases like “Yeah I deadlifted but it was rubbish and I hardly lifted anything” or “I’m bad at running because I only went 3km” can make anyone who’s in the same boat feel a little bit sheepish about celebrating their effort.

You never know who’s listening when you're talking about your goals so my advice for you, don’t downplay or second guess, celebrate the effort and celebrate every tiny win! You never know who you might be inspiring especially if you’re a beginner really getting behind your new goal.


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