Richard's Fat Loss Story

Wilmslow man loses 1 stone on FITISM's 6 week challenge

“6 weeks since I started back at the gym after nearly 2 years off! A combination of getting beach ready, strengthen my knackered knee and being selected for the AEHC O50s gave me plenty of motivation. Lost almost a stone in weight and nearly 8kg of body fat. Have really enjoyed it and not missed out on anything (except the booze cruise back from York yesterday). Had a Michelin foodie staycation, eaten out or takeaway 6 or 7 other times and 4 of those were (very) boozy nights so can’t say I’ve been a saint. Might have a relapse next week in Barbados but will get back to it afterwards. Thanks to all at FITISM.”

- Richard

Nutritionist's Review

Richard approached the 6 Week Challenge with two simple goals, in the short term…get fit and lose weight for a holiday (booked 6 weeks from the start of his challenge) and in the long term he wanted to continue his weight loss progress but really focus on increasing strength to protect and improve a knee injury.

Two great goals which really fired up the motivation and were super important for Richard to achieve. To make sure he was on the right track we set some simple yet effective actions to implement on a daily basis. These included keeping an electronic food diary and working towards an individual calorie and macro target, achieve a minimum of 10-12k steps per day and cut down on alcohol by planning and scheduling when he would drink rather than getting caught up in existing habits.

By doing this Richard achieved an amazing 2.3kg loss in the first 2 weeks of the challenge and went on to lose an impressive 6.1kg loss (6.2% Body Fat) and had a darn good holiday too!

On to the next challenge of progressing strength and increasing muscle tone!


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