5 Ways To Enhance Your Weight Loss

My top five non-food actions to enhance your health and your weight loss potential

Feeling stuck in a rut and not feeling your best?

Or are you attempting to lose weight but keep getting stuck at a plateau. Before you search for the next super food or get too bogged down with individual foods you eat why not make sure you’re ticking these five keys habits each day

1. Walk more

Most of our daily energy output comes from normal movement and activity through the day. Aiming for 6-7k steps per day is a great starting point and if you currently go from bed, to the car, to a dark, back to the car then onto the sofa it might be time to have a look at where you can squeeze some extra movement

2. Drink more water

This is an obvious one and you’ll be sick of hearing it but it is super important. It can be one of the easiest ways to improve your energy, digestion (including bloating) and mental clarity. So get those water bottles out and aim for 1.5 - 2 litres per day

3. Eat more mindfully and don’t rush

Instead of changing your whole diet why not commit to only eating whilst sat down and with minimal distractions. This means now eating whilst walking, no eating in the car and trying not to be looking at multiple screens whilst enjoying a meal

4. Stop eating earlier in the evening

You don’t have to commit to a strict fast but why not end your day of eating at 8 not 9 and cut out the evening distracted snacking

5. Commit to a bed time and/or a sleep time

For example, bed by 10, sleep by 10:30pm and try to spend that 30 minute time period away from phones and tablets and perhaps grab a book or grab a notepad and brain dump any thoughts that may be on your mind. This can help clear your head for a good night's sleep

Why not try and commit to these five tips for one week and see how you feel!

I think you’ll be surprised at just how good you feel and how motivated you are to then make other changes that might be necessary to reach your goal.

Don’t underestimate the impact of good foundations!


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