Winter Weight Gain

Find out what 'actually' causes weight gain over Xmas

I've had a lot of conversations this week about gaining weight over the Christmas period. These chats have ranged from worries about weight gain, weight gain feeling inevitable and what potentially can influence weight changes over winter.

Firstly I'd like to say that there is absolutely no problem with seeing a few extra pounds on the scales at this time of year, our routines are different, we do eat differently and its very normal

But I also appreciate that a lot of you want to make progress towards your composition goals or not fall into January feeling that you have lost all the habits you have been working on.

*What influences weight changes*

I've found that many of us pin these weight changes on specific events but from what I know about habits, health and weight loss its the things we do every day that make the difference

So rather than worrying about Christmas Day, the work night out or missing a couple of gym sessions lets take a look a what you're doing on the days in-between these things

#1 Has your daily activity dropped because the weather is a bit gloomy and you're skipping your morning walk or jumping in the car to the shops? If you're used to cycling or running could you set your bike up inside or treat yourself to some new running gear/find a new routine to spark the motivation

#2 Are your weekends snowballing (pardon the pun)? Does 1 evening out become 3-4 days of less healthy food choices and reduced activity. Can you plan your food for the day after, commit to a walk or yoga class to keep active?

#3 We all love the "F&*k it its Christmas" expression (and it can be how some great stories start) but swapping your satsumas for a chocolate orange, grabbing a mince pie with your coffee or pouring a nightly glass of wine can add up to a lot of extra calories across the week; and often these choices aren't driven by a real enjoyment of the foods but come from moments of stress or poor planning

So my tips...

1. ENJOY the events! The nights out, the meals the big day!! But leave them as single nights or days and keep to routine outside of this

2. Keep an eye on your daily activity and try and keep this high

3. Save the Christmas treats for when you really want them and try and be mindful of when and what you're snacking on

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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