The Power Of Accountability

Could accountability be exactly what you need to succeed?

We’ve all heard about “accountability” or “staying accountable” and its become somewhat of a buzz word in the context of goal setting and resolutions; but what does it really mean and is staying accountable the key to success? 

[Define] Accountability: Noun
“the fact or condition of being accountable: responsibility”

The keys words here are “accountable” and “responsibility”. This will mean different things to different people but here is how I see it.

Being accountable to your goals means you have a plan, it means you’ve thought about your goals and laid down some actions of how you will get there. If you are accountable to your goal then you aren’t relying on will power alone to succeed. 

In addition to this (and most importantly) you have an individual, a team of people or a system in place which make sure that if you aren’t executing the right kind of behaviours then you’re going to get called out! No hiding! 

Having a person or a system which you regularly report to and share progress with is essential to switch from confused, wishful actions to structured, measurable progress…and that feels good!

The second factor here is responsibility! You’ve set a goal, you’ve made a plan, you’ve chosen who or what you’re going to be accountable to and you’ve decided on what you’ll measure. Now what? 

You got to DO IT! You’ve got to execute the plan and you’ve got to do it even (and especially) on the days you don’t want to. The second element in this is you have to be honest, you’ll always have times where things go to plan but you’ve got to own it, talk about it and if it keeps happening then adjust the plan.

This makes the accountability element work too, without action & honesty its harder to check in on your progress and its harder for your team or coach to keep you motivated or help if things aren’t going so well. 

5 tips to make it work 

1. Set clear goals and ensure they’re achievable, realistic and true to you. What you really want, not what you think you might want or what your pals are doing.

2. Surround yourself with likeminded people or immerse yourself in an environment where your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour. You’ll soon pick up some great habits. (This point is stolen from “Atomic Habits”: a great book if you’re interested in behaviour change)

3. Measure your progress and keep a record. Share this with the people keeping you accountable 

4. Critique but don’t criticise. Be honest with yourself and your coach/ team, pick apart what works and what doesn’t. Dig deep into what the barriers are or what you really struggle to be consistent with. But don’t beat yourself up, don’t get mad that you missed a workout but don’t forget to ask why and how can you make it work next time. 

5. Make it visible. Plan your weeks, make lists, tick things off, write things down, take photos, make a spreadsheet, write a blog…whatever works for you! But make sure your progress can be seen by you! 

So who’s ready to get to work?

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