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What links petrol and toilet roll with weight loss and nutrition?

Simple answer - if we’re told we can’t have any, we want it more and we’ll go out of our way to get it

How often did you think about petrol, diesel or filing your car before this week? My guess is probably not that often. Yet as soon as we’re told we can’t have any or the availability is out of our control it suddenly becomes a more preoccupying thought.

Why am I rambling on about this?
Because the same psychology applies to food, its common to feel that you have to cut out whole food groups or certain food items if you’re pursuing a health or weight loss goal but this doesn’t however always have the desired effect. More often than not it leads to cravings, feeling preoccupied by the foods and thinking about it more often than you would if it were freely available.

So before you decide you need to cut things out, or go “cold turkey” have a think about whether it would be easier and more effective to simply cut back and limit without complete restriction! This very often leads to more success with much less stress - and thats all we want for you all!


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