Christmas Weight Gain

Before you start a New Year weight loss programme consider this...

So you’ve gained weight over Christmas?

Well firstly, cool, me too! I hope you’ve enjoyed the process and indulged in some of your favourite foods and drinks and had a cracking time doing so.

It's easy to feel compelled to do something drastic at this time of year especially if you’ve noticed the scales increase or you’re not feeling quite as spritely after more sugar, more alcohol and less movement. You want quick changes and we’ve been conditioned to think that this means hard, gruelling routines and harsh dieting.

But this is NOT the case and January doesn’t have to be miserable in order to get your mojo back. My advice, go back to baseline.

What does this mean?

Take a look back to a “normal” week or a “normal” month and assess what your routine looked like then and before implementing anything hardcore go back to this.
Instead of committing to exercising 7 times per week from your Christmas average of 0-1, lets try 3 sessions. Instead of cutting out all carbs and sugar, lets go back to 3 meals a day with 1-2 snacks and getting your 5-a-day. You don’t have to ban all alcohol but how about saving it for social occasions only or concentrating on also getting 2 litres of water per day.

If after 1-2 weeks of baseline healthy routines you still want to push for some greater results then thats when we can make some tweaks and hone in the focus.

But for the first few weeks of January I would highly recommend getting back to your baseline first! Especially if your goals are to find more consistency with your diet & exercise!


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