For The Love Of Carbs

5 things you may miss out on if you cut carbohydrates from your diet

Carbs have had a bad reputation in the past and have been associated with weight gain and unhealthy habits. The goods is that they are slowly starting to redeem themselves and the increased interest in gut health is helping carbohydrates come back into fashion.

This being said a lot go people are still nervous of including too many carbohydrates in their diet so here’s my five top reasons to not fear the humble carb.


Fibre is a carbohydrate so eliminating all carbohydrates means often adopting a diet low in fibre which can have a detrimental effect on digestion, gut health and inflammation levels too.


Antioxidants are compounds mostly found in plant based foods which can help cells in the body from oxidative damage and inflammation. Antioxidants include vitamin C, Vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids and are found in fruit and vegetables. All of which are a source of carbohydrate.


Carbohydrates we consume are broken down to glucose in the body and this is the preferred fuel source for several body functions but particular brain function. Any energy that is not immediately utilise is sorted in the muscle in the form of glycogen, another very important energy source particularly in the context of exercise.


This may seem an odd one but a lot of carbohydrates are also a good source of protein. For example lentils and beans are an important protein source for those following a plant based diet. Durham wheat (used to make pasta), rye, spelt and wholegrain bread also contain protein and are a useful addition to your daily intake.

B Vitamins

Brown rice, wholegrain and pasta are a good source of B Vitamins which can help regulate energy levels and help us obtain the energy we consume in foods.

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