And The Winner Goes Too...

The story of ALPHA Female 2022.1

We did it!!! We managed to complete ALPHA across two sites without any pandemics getting in the way and god have we missed it!

What a competition it has been , full of strength, sweat passion and plenty of humour and fun with some amazing camaraderie at both sites! The best thing that comes out of every Alpha course, be it Male or Female, is unity! Everyone gets on so well, encourages each other and achieves so much more than anyone ever expects! This year we crowned Heather McMullan in Bakewell and Maya Basu in Wilsmlow, our 2022 ALPHA queens!

Heather and Maya’s were full of talent, enthusiasm and determination and were both over the moon to take the crown!

Shout out also to Kirsty Duncan (Bakewell) and Jo Atkinson (Wilmslow) who took second place and Hatters (two time Bakewell winner) and Lisa Dance (Wilsmlow) on taking third place.

Different day, different time, different challenges and all of the fore-mentioned (plus many more) have the potential to challenge that crown. Roll on Alpha 22.2, can not wait!!

Lets finish with some our favourite stats from the course

Combined weight deadlifted = 1981kg (1.98 tonne, the equivalent of two male polar bears)
Combined bench press weight = 770kg

Total number of sit ups performed during “Annie” = 5000
Total number of tennis balls thrown  in “Biathlon” 276

Combined bench press weight = 510kg
Back squat combined weight = 920kg

Top Back squat= 125kg (Maya)
Top Bench press = 65kg (Melissa)

Top work ALPHA queens and we cannot wait to get the completion back in action later in the year!


Becci (right) presenting Heather (left) with the ALPHA Female trophy for FITISM Bakewell
Maya receiving the ALPHa Female trophy for FITISM Wilmslow

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