Making Progress At FITISM

How to make the best of your 13 weeks 


You’ve reached the end of the first 13 week training cycle.

Since January you’ve hopefully been training consistently, trying new exercises and making progress on your core movements!

Now its time to get started on the second cycle of the year and the great news is that this one takes us right into summer! 

So here are my thoughts on how you can make the best of your next 13 week cycle of training at FITISM. 

1. REFLECT on the past 13 weeks

This can be hard and something that I personally find quite difficult but its really important to look back and  really get critical on what went well and what could have been improved on from Jan - March.
By critical however I don’t mean beating yourself or only focusing on negatives, it simply means taking an honest look back and trying to be really accurate with your review of  the last quarter. Celebrate the wins and brain storm how you might want to approach the next 13 weeks. 

2. Set new goals

One of the best pieces of advice I would give here would be to try and do this away from friends or family and stay off social media when trying to think proactively. It’s very easy (especially in the age comparison and information overload) to chase a goal that you don’t really value or get absorbed into someone else’s goal. Make sure what you are striving for is genuinely what YOU want. Click here to set your new goals:

3. Get organised and start to map out your next quarter and what this looks like for you

Do you have any holidays or trips away? Any school holidays or times when keeping consistent will be tricky? Its best to plan around these early and adjust your exercise routine and plan accordingly. If you have got a super busy quarter its best to bear this in mind when setting goals too and don’t set yourself up to fail by trying for anything to dramatic when you might not have the physical or mental time for it. 

If you need any help with this make sure you get in touch with your coach or if you’re setting some ambitious body composition change you might want to consider some nutrition support too. 

Good luck FitFam and well done smashing the first quarter of the year! 


PS. If you are new to FITISM, ready to get in shape and would like our help click the button below.

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