It's Our 8th Birthday

8 years of business lessons since opening our first FITISM gym in 2013


0-1 year HARD - Anxious. Imposter syndrome. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Debt. What the hell are we doing.

2-3 years EMOTIONAL - Betrayal. Loss. Failure. Is this the end. There must be a better way.

4-5 years FIGURED IT OUT - People + Systems = Calm. Calculated. There’s a future. Growth.

6-8 years FUN - Great people. Great systems. Great outcomes.


Business is imperfect. Never will everything run smoothly and that’s okay.

People are really important. Spend time hiring the great people.

People work best when doing things they're good at. Great people aren't great at all things.

People respond well when they do things they're good at, you celebrate their wins, communicate always, listen and spend time with them.

Team is the most important. Great people come and go but the team will always remain.

Systems are essential. Don't control people. Control systems.

Systems are easy to fix and measure. People are not and don't respond well when you try.

Quality is measured by the systems great people operate not by the people operating the system.

Outstanding people operating poor systems or poor people operating outstanding systems will result in a substandard outcomes.

Both people and systems must be outstanding. This balance is hard to achieve.

Business becomes more predictable and efficient over time if you relentlessly focus on nurturing great people and building great systems.


You will only truly understand what is and is not working when you understand the metrics driving your business.

Use metrics to identify bottlenecks.

If the system is not being followed work with the technology and people operating the system.

If the system is being followed and the bottleneck still remains change the system.


Business grows or dies - standing still is not an option.

Progress not perfection is the goal. Fall forwards.

Don’t take things to seriously whilst taking everything seriously.

The goal is not to win the game of business. The goal is to keep playing.

Be proud of passed achievements and excited for what is to come.



“What has to happen for you to feel happy with your progress over the next 8 years?”


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