3 Ways To Get Fit With More Chill

Allow exercise to become part of your life without it taking over

It is perhaps a general assumption that every person that steps into the gym wants to either lose radical amounts of weight, gain significant muscle mass or become super fit. However, in truth 90% of people do not want those things at all.

Most people want to be ‘reasonably fit’. To feel fit and healthy but have no desire to become a bikini model, train like a powerlifter or kill themselves every day with a CrossFit WOD.

So if you want to get fit with a little less grrrr and a bit more chill here are 3 principles to help you develop a more considered approach:

#1 Workouts Don’t Have To Be Gruelling

Do not feel you have to kill yourself every workout. I have written at length about progressive overload before and this still applies here but you have a lifetime to make tiny improvements each session. There's no need to rush.

#2 Find A Weekly Routine That Works

Put your health towards the top of your priority list. There really isn't many other things in life more important. Schedule exercise times into your diary as you would an appointment and commit to those sessions. Before you know it you will settle into a consistent weekly routine.

#3 Find A Level Of Accountability

Accountability can come in many different forms; a personal trainer, workout buddies or simply telling your friends and family what you are working on for the next 12 weeks. Find a level of accountability that works for you and use it to maintain your routine.

Being consistently good is always better than being occasionally great.

Too often we see people start unrealistic routines that achieve short term 'results' but invariably end in failure - aka a yo-yo approach to health and fitness.

The key is to approach your fitness using core principles that you can build lifestyle habits around. By doing so you will never need external motivation to get you through a workout ever again.  

In fact relying on external motivation is at the root cause of those that find themselves yo-yoing. Once you apply lifestyle principles that you can build habits around you will set yourself up for long term adherence to a fit, healthy lifestyle that becomes part of you.

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