Rock Bottom

How to get in shape when your motivation is rock bottom

Discipline is the gap between goals and outcomes.

Motivation will get you going. Discipline will keep you going.

No one is motivated to exercise every session. Not even your super fit personal trainer.

No one is motivated to eat well 100% of the time. Everyone craves foods that aren’t conducive to a lean physique once in a while.

Motivation in the absence of discipline results in missed exercise sessions and over indulging.

Consistency, balance and positive long term outcomes are the results of a disciplined approach.


Discipline + effort will determine the level of outcome.

You will achieve more in 12 months by working hard compared to a life time of moderate effort.

Having the motivation to work hard will help but having the discipline to work with intent regardless is better.


Discipline + effort + plan will enhance the guarantee of the outcome.

Applying a plan to a disciplined approach carried out with significant effort will yield incredible outcomes.



“What healthy habits are nonnegotiable this week?”


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