Who Not How

Who not how and why you should stop trying to change your behaviours

Who you want to be is significantly more important than ‘how’ you will achieve it.

We are all too quick to change behaviours... To stop drinking every night, to start drinking a green smoothie every morning, to go to bed earlier, to stop smoking… This list goes on.

The only way to change your actions is to first change your thoughts.

This is why your New Years resolutions never stick.


Change the language you use and the pictures you form in your head. This will drive different feelings that will lead to different actions.

Pro tip: stop telling yourself you’ll make change. Start tell yourself that you’re going to start experimenting.

Experiments allow for exploration and all outcomes are excepted. It’s impossible for an experiment to fail.

Start experimenting with your thoughts and allow the way you act to reflect them.


Next time you question an action try asking yourself…

“What would a healthy person do?”

Until next time,


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