Don’t Believe The Hype

The damaging impact of consistency & discipline


They are the latest buzz words in the fitness industry...

One of the most popular, regurgitated messages of the modern day 'influencer' is that 'it takes motivation to get started but discipline to keep going.'

Whilst this is in-fact true there is nuance surrounding this statement.

There are times when both consistent effort and relentless discipline can damage your progress and send you backwards.

Don’t flog a dead horse, might be a saying from yesteryear but holds true here.

If you have given something enough time and it is still not working you must change your approach. Stubbornly following the wrong path in a consistently, disciplined manner will only lead you further down the wrong path.

The definition of success is when someone maintains enthusiasm following failure.
- Churchill

One of the most under appreciated disciplines you must adopt in order to progress is to embrace and accept failure. Whenever you try something new look for the lessons it teaches you. Those lessons can be both positive and negative. The most important part of the process is for you to use these lessons as feedback to continually tweak and modify your approach. Progress is the result of repeating the following process...


A refusal to fail is a refusal to progress.


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