How To Get Better At Running

I asked 4 of my running mates how they got so good at running. This is what they said...

Last week I asked 4 of my running mates ‘how do you get better at running?’

Here’s what they said…



History: advanced fitness background - seriously focused on marathon running in last 12 months

Training: preparing for Manchester marathon 2022

Answer: “2 things.

1. Add more running.

2. Run easy runs easier, and harder runs harder.”



History: started running 18 months ago

Training: preparing for Marathon Des Sables 2022 (considered the hardest foot race in the world)


1. “Go somewhere and get a proper shoe fitting eg the place in Matlock. I wish I’d done this at the start. Would have saved money overall and had less blisters.

2. Just do it. Get out and be on your feet. And don’t worry about “running” - walk as well as run. Just be out on your feet getting the miles in

3. Enjoy it. Don’t try and “go fast all the time” to compete with imaginary judgement from randoms on Strava. Just go at your own pace. Stop, take photos, have a sit down, enjoy the view (assuming they’re trail running around here)”



History: experienced runner at marathon and ultra marathon distances (completed London marathon and Lakeland 50)

Training: preparing for London Marathon 2021


1. “Depends on goal. But initially build a good base. Plenty of miles at a low heart rate (not above 150).

2. Then a short race pace to establish their threshold pace. Then intervals at that pace.

3. The plan would depend on distance but essentially still plenty of running at low hr”



History: always been good amateur endurance athlete at every distance from 1500m on the track to Ironman/ultra marathons

Training: preparing for UK Ironman 2022

Answer: “Run. Time on feet is so important.”


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