How Fat Loss Works

Why all diets work (eventually) and the hierarchy of fat loss

You can lose weight eating according to a vegan diet, vegetarian diet, carnivore diet, 5:2 diet [insert diet of choice] approach.

Take your pick because ultimately it really doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because there is a hierarchy of fat loss that they all abide by:

#1 Calories
Eat according to a 10-20% weekly deficit and you’re 80% there
#2 Macros Nutrients (lead by Proteins)
Calculate your daily grams of protein by multiplying 0.7x body weight. Make up the rest of your calories with a ratio carbs and fats that works for you.
#3 Micro Nutrients
Choose foods that are packed full of goodness (nutritionally dense) & supplement with vitamins, minerals and protein to make up the shortfall

The length of time you can apply these rules according to this hierarchy will dictate your results.

It has nothing to do with the nutritional approach you choose but what you choose is important.

If you connect to a nutritional philosophy over another then follow that.

You will likely adhere to it longer.

Given adherence is most people’s greatest challenge spend time choosing an approach that is easy to implement and works for you!


“Are you in a weekly calorie deficit?”

If you want to lose weight start there first. Don’t do anything else until you figure that out!

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