Should I Eat Vegan?

How to approach dieting decisions

One of my mates (a high level amateur cyclist) asked…

“In terms of performance for let’s say a cyclist thoughts on plant based/vegan diet?”

Here’s what I told him:

“As long as you’re eating the right volume of calories to sustain your body for your sport and the food you’re eating is packed full of goodness you can’t go too far wrong. If you want to do that following a vegan approach go for it”

Nutrition strategies are more involve for Performance athletes compared to fat loss but the basic principles remain the same.

No food or combination of foods have specialist weight loss properties. Food is energy we call calories.

If you eat too many calories (surplus) you will put fat on.

If you eat fewer calories than you expend (deficit) you will lose fat.

You can do that following any approach be that vegan, vegetarian, paleo, [insert diet approach of choice].

When it comes to nutritional quality not all calories are created equal.

1 calorie from broccoli is more nutritionally beneficial compared to 1 calorie from ice cream for example.

So the answer to ANY diet being good or bad for fat loss the answer is always the same.

The only rule that must remain consistent in order to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit.

And make sure the calories eaten are packed full of goodness.

If fat loss is your goal that will get you 90% there.”



“Are the foods you’re eating devoid of nutritional value or packed full of nutritional goodness?”

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