A New Diet Is Not What You Need

Why talent is not enough, playing in the premier league and finding your purpose

We all remember the talented 14 year old football player at school that was destined for the premier league but never made it.

Many don’t make it because they didn’t use their talent to master their craft. They didn’t put the work.

These same lessons can explain why you might be struggling to lose weight or drop body fat.

Talent, just like information is not enough.


Are you looking for the magic formula? Are you searching for specific meal plans and exacting macro nutrient break downs?

If so this is quite possibly at the route of your constant failure.

Have you consistently and relentlessly executed the basics first?

Consistently do the basics long enough [especially when you don’t want to] and you will become the person you aspire to be.


It all comes down to purpose. Your purpose has to be attached to the person you want to be.

Purpose isn’t achieved it’s attained on a daily basis. Purpose is not the end goal.

Become a master of the basics. Don’t over complicate it.

Eat, move and act in a way that reflects the person you want to be.

Every minute of every day is an opportunity to fulfil your purpose.

Find what’s purposeful to you and lose yourself to it. Not some time in the future. Do it today.



“What’s your purpose?”


Until next time,


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