How To Lose Fat

2 simple steps to take your fat loss to the next level

Both are guaranteed fat loss methods. One way is good and one way is best:

#1 Eat less, move more is good

#2 Eat better, move smart is best

Let me explain…


i. Eat Less

Eating in a calorie deficit is the single most powerful weight loss strategy.

Eating in a calorie surplus is the single biggest reason you put fat on.

Pro tip: a weekly calorie target is better for most people compared to tracking a daily calorie target. Most people eat differently during the week compared to weekends. Focus on a weekly calorie target and the days will look after themselves.


ii. Move more

A good metric to help you measure how much you’re moving is a step count [target 8-10 thousand steps per day]. However, simply moving more is the goal.

Moving move will improve your life in many ways; improves your energy, aerobic system, mobility, joint health, reduce stress the list goes on.


iii. Eat better

Eat nutritionally dense food.

Food packed full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and have a good balance of carbs, fats and proteins.

Pro tip: if fat loss is your goal increase your protein consumption.


iv. Move smart

Male or female your goal should always be to build muscle.

Long, lean, toned are all terms to describe building muscle.

When you’re in the gym get off the treadmill and use your time effectively by lifting weights to build muscle.

Training to lose fat whilst eating in a calorie surplus is impossible.

If fat loss is your goal your approach is simple… Train to build muscle. Eat to lose fat.



“Can you simplify the way you eat and move without diluting the impact?”

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