An Imperfect Moving Average

Why an imperfect state of being is the best way to live your life

You are the average sum of your daily habits.

It’s the same reason it’s impossible to be on or off a diet - the average of everything you have eaten and the way you have moved your body from the day you were born is reflected in the health of your body today.

|In other words... Your body shape today reflects the average sum of the diet and exercise you’ve most consistently adhere to over your lifetime.

Small changes to your daily habits that you can realistically adhere to for the rest of your life will have the greatest impact on moving the needle in a positive way.

Going big [aka ‘on a diet’] is not sustainable and will negatively impact long term habits.

Do not underestimate the impact of small changes to daily habits over time.

Start small, think long term and don't chase numbers on the scales - trust the process!


“Are you guilty of going too big only to crash and burn?”

If so it might be time for a more considered approach.

Until next time.


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