The Trade Off

What you must ‘trade’ in order to look a certain way

Dad bod: Train a bit. Maybe 2 or 3 times per week. Don’t really focus on what you eat. Irregular weekly routine. Pretty much do what you want when you want

20-25% body fat: Requires some planning, won’t ever look ‘ripped’, train consistently 3x times per week, will need to be mindful about food outside of ‘festive meals’ not to lose your shape

15-19% body fat: Minor social sacrifices, requires education around nutrition, will need improved food tracking and accuracy, consistently strength train 3-4x per week plus 1 additional hit/cardio session.

10-14% body fat: Requires planning and attention to diet, Will need to weigh food/track portions/prep food, consistently weight train 3-4x per week + 1/2 HIIT sessions

Less than 10% body fat: Requires strict food tracking, may struggle eating out, all food and drink will need to be tracked, must consistently adhere to periodised strength and conditioning programming 5-6x per week


If you’re not prepared to make the trade that’s okay.

But don’t wish for a different body if the actions you live by will never achieve it.

Realising and being okay with that is important in order to feel contentment and happiness.

Be happy living a life full of the choices you are prepared to make.

Celebrate the body you reflect as a byproduct of that.


“What are you prepared to consistently trade to look a certain way?”

Until next time,

Matt Kay

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