A 2 phased approach to help you live your life in the body you want

You have the ability to live your life in the body you want.

FITISM exists to help you achieve exactly that.

The FITISM method is broken down into two phase.

# Phase 1

A 6 week process we call The Challenge. The Challenge is designed to help you lose up to 6% body fat if a change in body composition is your goal or 10kg in body weight if weight lose is your goal.

# Phase 2

A 13 week body transformation programme where you set goals, monitor your progress frequently with our coaching team and receive all the support and accountability you need to get and maintain long term results.

At the end of each 13 week cycle you review, evaluate, set new goals and go again. All so living your life in the body you want becomes a reality.

The Challenge Explained

The Challenge is the best place to start. It's designed for both men and women to lose up to 6% body fat and/or 10kg in body weight.

To help you achieve such significant results in such a short period of time you get:

- 3 sessions with our personal trainers each week

- You work with our in-house nutritionist, Hannah giving you meal plans and recipes tailored to you

- And finally you get a personal accountability coach supporting you throughout the entire process

The Challenge is the best place to begin your journey.

It’s where you start learning and applying the important fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits needed to make significant long term changes to your body shape and health.

On completion of The Challenge you will be in significantly better shape and ready to move onto the transformation phase.

The Transformation Explained

Following the 6 week challenge you will be in significantly better shape but to make sure you keep progressing and/or stay this way long term your new habits need to stick.

To make sure this happens you move from the 6 week challenge into a 13 week transformation cycle. Included in your 13 week transformation are all 3 of FITISM's core services: BURN, BUILD & 360.

Here’s how it works…

The process starts with a goal setting session to define what you want to achieve.

This could be to lose more body fat or body weight, or you might be happy with what you’ve achieved and your goal might therefore be to maintain. Your goal could even be performance based - to get stronger or run your first 5km for example. The most important first step in your 13 week transformation is to make the goal you set specific and meaningful to you.

Once a 13 week goal has been set the next step is to follow a plan to make it happen. The FITISM team provide you with the support to help you do exactly that:

- 3+ sessions per week with our personal training team

- Your nutrition coach will identify the correct nutrition approach for you based on your goal and will hold you accountable throughout - You get meal plans, recipes, eating out guides and so much more through a private members area

- Test your body composition frequently using our sophisticated in-house body scanners and view your stat's 24/7 using our fully integrated body composition app

And at the end of the 13 weeks you check back in with your nutrition coach, review how you got on, set new goals and the process starts again.

As you move through multiple 13 week cycles new habits become second nature and you will finally experience what it means to live your life in the body you want.

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