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Rich Keyworth

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How We Plan Your Training

Gain a better understanding of how we structure your training here at FITISM

Data Without Direction

How to best use your wearable tech

2 Chickens

Why going after two goals at once might mean you achieve nothing at all

Humble Beginnings

When it comes to running fast it's all about the base!

The How

'How' Wilmslow Personal Trainer is going to attempt to run a sub 3 hour marathon

The When

A Wilmslow Personal Trainer's quest to break a three hour marathon

Lift Heavy, Run Fast. The Why

My journey to a three hour marathon

A Stone Before Christmas

Is it possible to lose 1 stone before Christmas?


How to gain muscle the right way

Baby Got Back

Lesson from the gym floor


Consistency Beats Perfection Every Time

Personal Best

Should you aim to beat your best every time you walk in the gym?

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