Once An ALPHA Always An ALPHA

Standing there bent over, hands on knees all the noises I once heard soften, maybe it doesn’t but at this point it’s white noise, is it loud or is it quiet? I don’t know, it’s all a bit of a haze.

Beads of sweat drip from my nose, that sensation brings me back into the moment. My senses are coming back to me now. It’s not white noise, that’s the sound of my team mates cheering me on, patting me on the back.

Now my senses are back I’m exhausted. I’ve given everything, actually I’ve given more than I thought I could. Did I really pick that up, I’ve lifted heavier than I thought I could. I didn’t know these tired legs could run, jump and carry me that far. I felt like I’d given all I had to give, but I didn’t know I had more to squeeze out.

But how the hell did I do that, and actually who are these people that are cheering me on one minute, pushing me to be my very best. Yet a minute later trying to beat me, while I scream and clap encouragement at them. Why am I cheering them on to beat me, and why were they cheering me on to beat them?
I’m confused this doesn’t make sense. But I’m happy, I like it, everyone seems happy, everyone seems proud. 

The room quietens, now tales and jokes are being recalled about what just happened. I’m laughing, the banter makes me forget my legs are still on fire. No problems these couple of beers should sort that out.

Who are these people who have pushed me, who I’ve cheered on, patted on the back. I’ve gone head to head and stood shoulder to shoulder with all at the same time? This is the ALPHA pack.

This years ALPHA course is not far away. Watch this space for more on how to get involved.


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