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Lesson from the gym floor

Have you been doing any home workouts over the past 18 months or so? Whether it’s your own thing, a zoom class or following another TV based workout?

Take 1 minute and think of all the exercises you’ve been doing? I’ll have a guess and see if I can name a few….

- Squats
- Lunges
- Press ups
- Burpees
- Sit ups

I could go on but there’s a pattern already. Have you spotted it? The thing that all these exercises have in common is that they’re all predominantly using muscles on the front of your body.

Now this is the point of this whole thing, frequently training in an unbalanced fashion can lead to postural issues. Combine this with being slumped over a laptop all day probably at the kitchen table and we’re not exactly stacking the odds in our favour.

My advice to rectify this? Pull and keep pulling whenever you’re next in the gym focus on pulling movements. No need to over complicate it and you don’t have to stop any exercises just balance out any pushing movements with pulling movements.


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