How to gain muscle the right way

How do I gain muscle is a question I get asked a lot, it’s a question I hear asked a lot, it’s a question I see get asked a lot on social media.

While most of the answers are technically ok they’re often over complicated and missing a great big piece of the puzzle.

The answer I usually here revolves around training splits, form, supplements…….blah blah blah.

The one thing that’s often overlooked is food. Simply we need energy to grow new tissue, and what do we as humans use as energy? Food glorious food.

To take that a step further we actually need a surplus of energy to grow new tissue. So we have to eat more energy every day than our body uses, leaving us energy leftover to develop new tissue.

To put it into perspective an adequate calorie surplus combined with even a moderate resistance training plan will lead to muscle gain. A individualised periodised training program without a calorie surplus will not lead to any significant muscle gain.

Should you do a chin up or a pull up?
Should I take a pre workout?
Should you do a dumbell side lateral raise or a cable side lateral raise?
Should you do a barbell bicep curl or a dumbell curl?
Are there any other supplements I should buy?

Answer to all of the above, on the topic of significantly increasing muscle mass?

In my professional opinion? I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, you’re missing the bigger picture. Worrying about those questions above is like buying a lottery ticket and hoping you win a lucky dip.

So what should you do?

1. Lift big
2. Eat big
3. Sleep big

Doing those 3 consistently is like buying a lottery ticket and stacking the odds of winning the jackpot in your favour.


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