A Stone Before Christmas

Is it possible to lose 1 stone before Christmas?

Ok let’s indulge in this.

On the face of it, great idea. Get a head start, forward planning )you know how we love that), enjoy Christmas guilt free when it comes.

However Christmas is coming and it’s going to be hear sooner than we think. It is in fact 4 weeks away, and because I’m writing this on a Friday and no one bothers over the weekend and everyone starts on Monday Christmas will be less than 4 weeks away.

1 stone in less than 4 weeks hey?

14 pounds in 25 days?

6.35 kg in 25 days?

This also assumes you haven’t got any pre Christmas drinks or meals planned with friends or family?

Well have you? Because I know I have.

Now we preach about making changes you can sustain. However putting this simply chasing this magical stone is probably a bit punchy. You’re basically looking at 4lbs a week.

My advice without whittling on, and trying to dream up metaphors (which it turns out is not my strongest suit) is simple.

Great idea to get a head start on Christmas, and put yourself in a position to enjoy. However drop the target and rather than having a stone looming over your head half it. That is doable for most people, and still puts you in a great position over Christmas.



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