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When you should and should not train with an injury?

Train what you can train, fix what you can fix

Should you continue training with an injury? As always the answer is… it depends…

If you’re in a full body cast obviously not however the chances are it’s something you can usually work around… You should always train what you can still train and even use the opportunity to make progress on potentially lagging body parts and lifts whilst you rehab the current injury.

I try to divide injuries in to two camps… traumatic injuries (fell off a box, crushed under a squat etc.) and progressive injuries which are gradual injuries that come about due to poor movement patterns.

The majority of gym injuries arise due to poor movement patterns because of mobility restrictions, weakness and awareness.

This is where a warm up is so useful. I like to use the acronym RAMP to warm up with… Raise (raise your body temp) A (activate) M (mobilise) P (potentiate) not necessarily in that order but aim to do each of those things. Your warm up should be specific towards you and your weaknesses and restrictions in order to prevent injury.


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