Maya's Story

"The revelation for me was how much I loved the training, and the hugely positive impact it has had on me physically and mentally."


Where It Began

Taking the plunge by signing up to the Fitism 6 week challenge was one of the best decisions I have ever made - and the impact it has had on my life almost 2 years later has been absolutely huge.  

I had previously gone through one fairly big life/body change- losing 6 stone in weight in 2016/2017, with the help of two fantastic PTs in Kent where I am originally from.  Fast forward to March 2020- my husband and I had relocated to the North West, eventually settling in lovely Wilmslow.  I was feeling a bit lost- I was running a lot, but was really missing the support and coaching that comes from a good PT.  I eventually started the 6 week challenge when Fitism re-opened outside in July 2020, and I have never looked back.  

Those initial 6 weeks being coached by Layla were a fantastic introduction to Fitism, and even before the end of it, I was hooked and signing up for membership.  The revelation for me was how much I loved the training, and the hugely positive impact it has had on me physically and mentally.  The turning point for me was the time I spent during the lockdown last winter in the Fitism tent in sub zero temperatures, developing technique and realising that with training, my body was capable of more than I had thought it was.  The highlight was finally breaking through the 100kg deadlift barrier (and then beyond!) with my trainer Jen’s amazing coaching and support.  I am a doctor in the NHS- those sessions in the cold that Winter were a much needed safety valve for me during an incredibly challenging time.  It’s hard to describe the sense of achievement you get from lifting weights- it’s a weird sense of power and strength that gets addictive.  With the expert coaching and support I have had from Jen, Layla and the rest of the team, I’ve achieved things that I never would never have dreamt of- including running my first ultramarathon last year, and loving lifting some fairly heavy weights.  Just as importantly, training now gives me a focus and structure to my life that has taken me through some really difficult personal times- again emphasising the point that exercise/movement are so important for physical and mental wellbeing. No matter what mood I am in when I walk into Fitism, I always walk out with a smile on my face.  


I hesitated about bringing my weight into this as I don’t want this to be a “well done you” type story- but I decided to mention it because I wanted to let anyone out there who thinks they are trapped by their weight that you can do something about it.  I know how intimidating it is even thinking about starting an exercise programme when you are overweight or obese.  The beauty of Fitism is the variety of people you meet, and the variety in the approach- I love the fact that I train with people of all different shapes, sizes and ages.  Everything is adaptable and scalable, and you won’t find a more welcoming and friendly environment anywhere.  Where-ever you are on your fitness journey, It takes guts to make a positive change- but taking that initial step is the hardest bit.  With patience and determination, and most importantly support, you can achieve your goals (whatever they are) and have a really great time doing it.  The variety in the type of training on offer at Fitism is a massive plus- for example on a Thursday I move from my always fun filled PT session with Jen, to dancing like a lunatic at Rave, then maybe onto boxing at Jab (if I’m still feeling a bit fresh!).  

My advice to anyone reading this, who is not sure whether they want to give Fitism a go or not is: go for it.  If you don’t like it, you’ve only lost 6 weeks- I strongly suspect however that you will love it.  Fitism is more than just a gym, it really is a community (big apologies for how cheesy that sounds)- you’ll have loads of fun, and you might find yourself being surprised by what you achieve.


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