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"It’s basically the Cheers equivalent of a gym rather than bar where everyone knows your name very quickly."



While some people head to a gym to lose weight, my primary reason for visiting was because I'd heard of the FITISM nutrition programme. Had been suffering quite badly with stomach issues that doctor and hospital visits weren’t resolving.

Long hours sitting at a desk working from home weren't helping my lifestyle either, with various aches and pains from being hunched over a laptop for long periods. So my secondary goal was to sort that, tone up, and get stronger.

Finally, a stretch target was a long-failed aim of running a 10km race, without having to stop.

First Impressions

The initial consultation with Ali was eye opening. For a start, his approach was completely different, with a series of detailed questions on what wanted to get out of it, and a considered approach of what support he felt I would need from them.
His recommendation was to try the “Six Week Challenge” where you are coached and given meal plans. It’s a paid for service, but rebates are given for the goals you hit towards future membership.

What to expect from the FITISM Gym Sessions

You get an app for your phone that show all the schedules and classes and can book on very quickly and easily. FITISM offers a variety of sessions:

-       HIIT workouts: Usually in small groups
-       RIDE bike and CROSSFIT sessions
-       Plus 6:1 and 1:1 training if you want to achieve specific goals

Each are varied so don’t become repetitive. The team understand that not everyone knows how to use gym equipment, and help you get up to speed:

Sam has an easy going manner and eyes like a hawk – will spot immediately if you’re struggling with something and provide advice or alternatives

Rich is all about the detail - spends a lot of time making sure your technique is right and explains it so it’s very easy to understand

Jen is her own whirlwind, and her sessions are full on. Often spotted in awesome fancy dress, or casually doing handstands up and down the gym

Layla apparently doesn’t know the phrase “I can’t do it” exists and will offer unceasing encouragement until you have done it

Dan makes it fun even when you’re flagging towards the end of a session

Harry is larger than life and you’ll soon wonder where the time went after being bombarded with many different activities

Everyone you meet at the gym on the sessions also help out too – it’s a very friendly atmosphere.

Experience of the six week challenge:

After the initial consultation with Ali, was introduced to Layla as Client Manager and nutritional coach. It was very clear that a lot of thought had gone into the plan, and left the meeting armed with a food plan, menus, and a clear list of what can and can’t eat over the next six weeks.

One thing you learn very quickly at FITISM, is they have high expectations of you, and holding yourself personally accountable for your actions is key to progress.
I’d mentioned to Ali in the initial chat that was terrible at skipping breakfast. So, without fail, Layla chased up via WhatsApp every morning demanding a photo of breakfast, and firm but fair words arrived if no picture was sent back.

The result is feeling that the team have completely got your back to support you.

What happened next

As a result of the work the FITISM team put in, all the stomach issues had cleared up in under 4 weeks, energy levels were massively improved, confidence was coming back and felt a completely different person.

What you’re taught changes relationship with food for the better. Lost nearly 5% body fat, felt stronger and healthier.  

What about that 10km run?

Well, Rich and Layla put together a tailored plan and the result was that have now run three 10kms in last year, knocking 11 minutes off my first time.

Apparently though, 10kms were now “too easy” for me, so they insisted that I enter a half marathon to test myself more.

It’s in March, I’m halfway through the new plan they’ve created and running long distances that I never dreamed would be able to manage.

Closing thoughts

They make a great deal of the “FITFAM” at the gym. It’s basically the Cheers equivalent of a gym rather than bar where everyone knows your name very quickly.

They work you hard, but it’s a lot of fun. If you’re a novice, you’ll soon become confident in the activities.

From starting on 2.5kg weights, am now lifting things I never thought in a million years would be capable of doing.

If you want to make a lifestyle change, make an appointment and talk through what you want, you won’t regret it.

With the possible exception of burpees… you’ll learn to love to hate them!


PS. If you are new to FITISM, ready to get in shape and would like our help click the button below.

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