The biggest problem in the health and fitness industry

The biggest problem in the health and fitness industry

Mis information

Here are some headlines I found when I googled fat loss.

Fat burners… In order to lose body fat you have to create a caloric deficit so a fat burner is unnecessary and the the efficacy of fat burners is very questionable.

9 scientific ways to lose fat? There’s only one… burn more calories than you consume I don’t know what the other 8 are.

Overeating isn’t the cause of obesity? Cmon… it’s literally the law of energy conservation… energy in vs energy out. There are so many randomised control trials demonstrating that calories in vs calories out are the dictating factor when it comes to weight loss and weight gain

Fat freezing… anything but hard work right… enough of these quick fixes.

What’s the point of this post? Be wary of mis information. There’s a lot of BS on the internet in the field of fitness and nutrition. If it looks like bull shit, smells like bull shit then it’s probably bull shit.


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