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How do you become more ‘toned’

If you want a more toned physique you basically want more visible muscle… in order to have more visible muscle you have to bring your body fat percentage down which makes ‘toning’ a dieting issue NOT… a training issue

However… this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strength train because you definitely should… it just means you can’t train your way to a more toned physique if your body fat percentage is too high and your calories are too high

Having more muscle mass will give you more potential towards a toned physique and having little muscle mass will make it harder to achieve a ‘toned’ look. Look at an elite marathon runner vs an elite sprinter for example (yes there are out liars in both of those examples but typically speaking) they both have low body fat percentages but the sprinters tend to have more muscle mass.

If you want more ‘tone’ bring your body fat percentage down to a low enough level, strength train effectively and consume adequate amounts of protein to support your muscle mass


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