1.5 Stone Lost in 6 weeks

Find out how Bakewell man lost almost 10kg in 6 weeks on FITISM Challenge

"Like some during covid I became very sedentary and my initial attempts of exercise around the house soon faded away, In fact my daily exercise became pouring a glass of wine and eating chocolate and crisps.

Then one day I saw an image of a round balding man in the mirror, thinking I was being burgled I jumped up and then realised it was me, so I signed up for the FITISM challenge.

All the people in Bakewell are so friendly and with the expert help from the staff and trainers I was soon enjoying being back in t he gym.
I’m not going to say it was easy I changed my eating and ached but was driven on by the encouragement from all the team and fellow gym goers.

I’m feeling much more energetic and awake and enjoying seeing the weight and body fat disappear, and have discovered that healthy, nutritional eating can actually be very tasty."


Trainers Review

Simon approached the 6 weeks with a great attitude, he arrived with a goal to get back to his pre-covid exercise levels. During his first week of sessions Simon turned up and threw himself at the challenge, willing to take on anything and learn.

After a few weeks had passed Simon started to really find his groove, he had found the sessions that worked for him and got into a routine. You could really see that he had become more focused and the love for exercise had returned. The six week challenge helped Simon to align his goals and lifestyle. He even challenged himself to lay off the beers! Which he said was the “toughest challenge of all”

Simon smashed every aspect of the challenge. The 6 weeks gave him the spark to get back into fitness and he is now using that to to push for more beyond the six week.


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