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Find Your Way


Find Your Way

Become the best version of you. Become you, improved.

We help you make get in great shape part of your life. 

To change your body you must change your habits and to change your habits you must change the way you think. 

FITISM will improve your mind, body and soul through a unique process we call...


To change your body you must change your habits and to change your habits you must change the way you think


We help you quantify where your minds at to shape a plan to make clear what you want to achieve in the next 90 days


We choose the right activity and nutrition schedule to achieve your goals tailored to your mindset and budget

Step 3. REVIEW

Together with your FITISM Trainer you review and refine your activity and nutrition schedule every 30 days. At 90 days we return to step 1.

You Improved

TRANSFORM will take you through a step by step approach that is right for you. One that fits into your life but does not take over so you can live your life in the body you want. Before you begin your journey at FITISM we highly recommend you start with a 2 week FITISM Experience to help you find the approach best suited to you.

Support & Community

FITISM genuinely care. We spend time with you, we coach you and we make sure you get out of FITISM exactly what you want. Nothing more and nothing less. We go big on community. Our community centric culture takes many different forms from supper clubs and celebrations to 28 day courses and our unique summer GAMES. Our community is the heart and soul of the FITISM family. We put a lot of time and attention into nurturing our community making your experience here completely unique. 

We Make It Simple

Exercising consistently and preparing daily healthy meals can be hard. FITISM take the complexity out of both of those things. We make exercise fun and specific to you so you only do the things you enjoy and the activities that get you results. We also take the complexity out of healthy eating. We go one step beyond just creating specific nutrition plans for you to follow and recipes for you to cook, the FITISM Kitchen team can design, cook and prepare all your meals for you. FITISM will prepare activity and nutrition schedules specific to you whilst removing all the complexities to make adopting new healthy habits simple leaving you to get on with life.

Tailor Made

We tailor make membership plans based around what you need and what you want. The first step in your FITISM journey is the 2 week FITISM Experience. During your FITISM experience we get to know you and you get to know what we do. From there we can recommend the perfect programme to suit you, your goals and your budget. You never pay for anything that is not right for you. 


We do not take ourselves too seriously but we do take your results seriously. Really seriously! Everything we do at FITISM is backed by research and science to ensure you get the ultimate experience in body transformation. We make sure we deliver to you the perfect blend of nutrition and exercise programming to ensure a result. Coupled with a delivery style that is relaxed, engaging and fun. Because, lets face it, life can be challenging and stressful and the last thing you want is for your gym environment to be the same... where's the fun in that! We are here to help inspire you to enjoy the journey of living your life in the body you want.

Meet Our Team

Our team are hand picked because of the values they live by.

The same values that FITISM is based upon. We work together as a team of passionate health professionals to make sure your experience is unique, inspiring and transforms your body.

Specialist Area: Classical Pilates & Yoga
Specialist Area: FITISM Kitchen
Specialist Area: Strength & Conditioning
Specialist Area: Metabolic Conditioning and Group Training
Specialist Area: Class Instructor & Foodie
Specialist Area: Female Fat Loss & Body Confidence
Specialist Area: Conditioning for Athletes & Losing Keys
Specialist Area:
Specialist Area: Female Fitness
Specialist Area: Smoothie Queen
Specialist Area: Foodie
Specialist Area: Pre-Post Natal
Specialist Area: Human Resources & Playing Boss
Specialist Area: Group Fitness & Holidays
Specialist Area: Still Trying To Find It
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