We are obsessed about YOU and YOUR results

FITISM take you on a 2 part journey to help you live your life in the body you want:

PART #1 FITISM Challenge
When you start it is important that you see and feel changes in you body quickly. 

The FITISM Challenge is a 6 week process that helps you achieve up to a 10kg weight loss if you have weight to lose or a 6% body fat loss if you do not have weight to lose but you want to change the tone and condition of your body.

To achieve this you get 3 sessions per week, every week with our personal training team (in-FITISM or at home), a nutrition plan designed specifically for you by your very own nutrition coach and you get a 1:1 accountability coach supporting you on a weekly basis through the entire process. 

When you come to the end of your 6 week Challenge you will not want to lose the incredible results you have achieved.

The FITISM 360 membership is a continuation programme that takes your body and lifestyle to the next level. Just like the challenge, we take a completely holistic, 360 approach to help you get in the best shape of your life.

You get access to 3 sessions per week with our personal training team (in-FITISM or at home), a 1:1 nutrition coach to work with on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, bi-weekly body composition tests to monitor progress  (tested in-FITISM or self tested at home - we will teach you how to do this). All this and more from your very own 1:1 FITISM 360 Coach there with you week in week out to provide the most effective tools and support you will ever need to help you live your life in the body you want.

Ready to get started? 


FITISM's Core Values

These are the values that our team use to nurture the incredible culture and relationships we have at FITISM and life changing results we aim to achieve for all of our members. 

Results & Experiences

Your journey starts by achieving an incredible body transformational result. To do so our team dedicate their professional lives to the very latest research and applied practice of the most effective methods to get your body in shape (physically, mentally and emotionally). However, that is a short term, 6 weeks to be precise process. We know that to live your life in the body you want for the rest of your life goes much deeper. Long term adherence is based on the relationships you form, the support you receive and ultimately the experiences you gain from being part of an incredible engaging, welcoming and non-judgemental community. 

Surprise & Delight

Our clients are the most important thing to FITISM. You deserve a level of service that should never change. A 5* service is what we aim to deliver as standard! These things are not spectacular they can be broken down to simply: saying hello the second you walk into the gym, we give EVERY client 100% of our ATTENTION. We deliver every session with passion and a genuinely care about all our client results.  Once the 5* service has been delivered our aim is to deliver a level of service that goes wildly beyond your expectations. From hand-written cards to themed events. Our goal is connect you deeply into the FITISM culture with a sense of belonging much like a family, which only leads to helping you maximise your ability to achieve extraordinary results.

Speed Is King

We aim to get things done, we don’t wait, we know you will and should judge us for our speed of response. We believe that NOW is always the right time to get s**t done.

Grow or Die

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Both staff and clients must embrace change because we seek opportunity in it to get even better results and the most efficient time possible. FITISM operate a 5 step grow or die mindset... We imagine, execute, absorb feedback, improve, repeat. All to help our incredible business growth and thrive and help our clients to continue to get the very best results. 

Own It

We take maximum responsibility for all our actions and we expect our clients to do the same. The relationships we form with our members are much like partnerships. We are the support system and technical advisors to your body transformation. However, the execution of our systems is up to you. We believe wholeheartedly that every single client has the ability to live their lives in the body they want. We will commit to you with everything we have. All we ask in return is that you commit to YOU to give yourself what you deserve... A body to be proud of! 

Team Work Makes Dreams Work

FITISM is a team of emensly talented individuals working together as an ultimate support system to help our members (you) achioeve your full potential. We have exercise scientists, fitness delivery experts, MSc Nutritionists and world class accountability coaches all working as a team to get you the results you so desperately want to achieve. There are no egos, no heroes, no hierarchy, no one weak links at FITISM... FITISM is the result of the entire teams actions. Everything we do we do because of our team and for our team. Unlike the traditional industry norms out Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coach do not have 'their own clients'. Insrtead you are a client of the entire team so you can maximumally benefit from all the skills and support the entire team can offer to you. We work as one to achieve incedible things for the one (you). Great things in FITISM are never done by one person, they’re done by our team of people.

Meet Our Team

Our team are hand picked because of the skills they posses to enahnace the lives of our clients and values they live by.

The same values that FITISM is based upon. We work together as a team of passionate health professionals to make sure your experience is unique, inspiring and transforms your body.

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