Meet Sam

Wilmslow Personal Trainer

Sam Woodall

Wilmslow Personal Trainer
Specialist Area: 
360 Coach & Trainer
Q & A: 

What is your greatest fitness achievement?
Deadlifting 210kg at 80kg and representing sale harriers in the uk athletics final at school 

Why do you work for FITISM?
I work for Fitism because it’s the best Personal training facility in Cheshire and I am very fortunate to work there. They have a fantastic team dedicating to delivering a high level of service and achieving fantastic results. The location and the facilities are both superb and the members are an incredible bunch of sociable, hard working, genuine people who have warmly welcomed me with open arms.

What are your fitness goals right now?
My fitness goals right now are not too specific, i’m a big advocate of general physical preparedness which encompasses a wide range of fitness goals. That includes improving strength, fitness, mobility, skill etc. so that I am ready for any event or opportunity to exercise and i’m never limited. I love the idea that I will still be moving and moving well in many years to come and for that reason I think it’s highly important that you can move well and keep doing so. I would like to create and complete a physical challenge in an attempt to raise money for a charity in the near future, the specifics of that challenge are undecided as of right now but whatever challenge I land on my training will become geared towards it. 

What part of your body do you hate the most?
I probably hate my legs the most at the moment as i’m trying to resolve a knee issue i’ve had for the last year which has prevented me from squatting which is extremely disappointing. I would love to start squatting heavy again in the near future. 

What part of your body do love the most? 
I love my back the most as it’s always been my strongest body part

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
This morning I ate 6 eggs with a bagel

What’s your idea of the ultimate cheat meal? 
I don’t really believe in cheat meals just eating well and enjoying all forms of food provided they fit in with your nutritional requirements whatever they may be. As long as you’re eating a wide range of fruit and veg, plenty of good quality protein and good fats and it fits with your calorie intake then it’s perfectly fine to have the odd cheat meal per se. Having said all that, my favourite meal would probably be a monstrous curry with a pint (Can’t narrow it down to one individual curry i’m afraid)

What have you done or achieved that we might not know about?
People may not know about my musical background, I played the guitar for a cover band for many years, we were hired to play at weddings, small clubs and venues and the occasional festival. 

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I can’t possibly tell you my most embarrassing moments as they’re probably quite inappropriate but I once slapped it running across a stage during a performance. 

Why and how did you get into health and fitness?
I’ve always been in to sport and looking after myself from a very early age but I got in to more serious training when I started at college. There was a gym down the road from my college which I went to every day, I started trying to improve my physical image to help with my confidence and found real enjoyment from training and made a great group of friends during the process. This led me on to other gyms and ultimately towards a job teaching people how to get fitter, faster, stronger and in better shape. 

What is your favourite exercise?
Favourite exercise has to be deadlifts

Who is your fitness role model?
My fitness role models are Ross Edgley and Mat Fraser, they’re both incredible athletes who constantly push the human sublime.

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