Meet Richard

Operations Manager & Personal Trainer

Richard Keyworth

Operations Manager & Personal Trainer
Specialist Area: 
Strength & Conditioning
Q & A: 

1. What is your greatest life achievement?
It's something that's an ongoing process, being a good husband and family man.

2. What is your greatest fitness achievement?
I've been luckily enough to play representative Rugby and Cricket but it's the smaller things that I appreciate and seemingly insignificant goals that stick with me. I wanted a double body weight front squat, that lift itself is not a particularly big achievement but it was just something that took me a long time to achieve. The things that don't come easy and require a lot of hard work are the things that I appreciate.

3. Why do you work for FITISM?
Right from the very first meeting with Matt and Ali I felt extremely at ease. Their values seem very close to my own and as I've met more members of the team I feel FITISM is a very friendly yet focused company.

4. What are your fitness goals right now?
Right now the most important thing is to keep enjoying my training. What I am doing doesn't matter too much as long as I'm enjoying it. I'm trying to improve my Olympic lifting and continually improve my fitness. 

5. What part of your body do you hate the most?
Ears, my right ear sticks out a lot due to Rugby.

6. What part of your body do you love the most (clean answers only)?
Legs, all our power comes from the Legs.

7. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Protein shake with whole milk. 1 orange and a cup of coffee.

8. What’s your idea of the ultimate cheat meal?
As long as it involves ice cream it doesn't matter!

9. What have you done or achieved that we might not know about?
In 2009 I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat a form of cancer. I was determined to come back stronger, faster and fitter which I did. Then the outlook changed a little from short term goals to long term health.

10. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
It involves a dinner at the in laws, red wine, white curtains and a Brussel sprout.

11. Why and how did you get into health and fitness?
There's a few reasons, I wasn't happy doing what I was doing before. Its a genuine interest, when you're genuinely interested in something you're performance is going to be enhanced.  But the best way to describe it is it's not work. Doing PT sessions, writing programs and teaching classes is the best part of my day. 

Also the diagnosis in 2009 was a big factor in making the change.

12. What is your favourite exercise?
The Olympic lifts, and anything that hurts and leaves me on a heap on the floor.

13. Who is your fitness role model?
Johnny Wilkinson, although he's more of a sporting role model he recognised the advantages of strength and conditioning. He was ahead of the curve in every way.

PT Prices


PRIVATE (1 to 1) - £50  

PARTNER (2 to 1) - £30  

BUDDY (4 to 1) - £20  

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