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RESTORE Instructor

Nina Hartley

RESTORE Instructor
Specialist Area: 
Classical Pilates & Yoga
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Nina is one of the best yoga and pilates instructors we know.

We held off launching our RESTORE classes for a long time until we found a team of the best instructors. In Nina we have an incredible instructor, one of the best in the business.

Here's how you will benefit from Nina's RESTORE classes, one to one sessions and an additional healing therapy called Myofascial Release (MFR)


A combination of stabilisation, strength and flexibility for the whole body, mind and soul. Using the system of classical pilates and yoga to form each session into a dynamic yet healing hour to bring into your movement practice each week. Be prepared to learn about your body through the control of movement and mind, find muscle you didn't realise you had and learn how to drop into a more balance healthy place.


MFR is a gentle yet effective technique that is often used in the treatment of pain. Feelings of stiffness, tightness or discomfort can stem from postural habits, injury and trauma (both physical and emotional). MFR aims to release restrictions in the fascia, a connective tissue that supports and protects every structure in your body including muscles, bones and organs. 

The fascia is a three dimensional web that connects every structure in your body and in its healthy state enables you to move freely and comfortably. Clients often seek out MFR when they are feeling a sense of restriction or discomfort or experiencing chronic pain in their back, shoulders, hips, neck, jaw or any other part of the body. MFR may also be used when working with pain conditions such as fibromyalgia as well as in the treatment of scar tissue.

MFR techniques are carried out without oil. MFR is different from massage in that it involves the use of gentle sustained pressure. How this feels varies from person to person and cannot be adequately described only experienced. MFR techniques can be incorporated into the first part of a therapeutic or deep tissue massage (before any oil has been applied) or can make up an entire session of Myofascial Release.




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1 Class - £10 (£10 per class)

10 Classes - £90 (£9 per class)

20 Classes - £160 (£8 per class)

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