Meet Becci

Bakewell Operations Manager, Personal Trainer & Coach

Becci Sampson

Bakewell Operations Manager, Personal Trainer & Coach
Specialist Area: 
360 Coach & Trainer
Q & A: 

1. What is your greatest life achievement?
Being a wife, a soon to be mum and having an awesome family that I love spending time with - not sure if these are life achievements but I feel like they should. 
Assisting with the creation, development and growth of Fitism. 
Working with my big brother and not killing him or being killed by him ;) 

2. What is your greatest fitness achievement?
Completing and actually enjoying long distance running events with my best buddy Tam

3. Why do you work for FITISM?
Matt said he would give me a dead leg if i didn’t... Just kidding. I work for Fitism because I love fitness, I love health, I love helping people achieve their goals, I love the lifestyle it gives me, I love being around others with the same outlook on life as myself, I love eating, i love talking about eating, I love looking at pictures of what people are eating, I love taking pictures of what i’m eating, I love doing a job i’m not half bad at that is always good fun (and I get paid for it), I also love being in control in the sense that the success of Fitism is down to me/us/the whole team - what we put in we get out.

4. What are your fitness goals right now?
At present to be the happiest, fittest and healthiest mum-to-be (so different from 12 months ago!)

5. What part of your body do you hate the most?
The inevitable ‘Kay Jowels"

6. What part of your body do love the most (clean answers only)? 
Legs (they help me do a lot of fun stuff)

7. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Green Smoothie

8. What’s your idea of the ultimate cheat meal?
Being pregnant this changes hourly but right now a sandwich: Warburton sliced white bread, mayo, thinly sliced packet ham (if you can even call that food) and a slice of cos lettuce (more for nostalgia reasons than anything else) with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps on the side and a Malteser bunny for dessert.

9. What have you done or achieved that we might not know about? 
Taken up piano lessons at 30 and passed my grade 4 at 32

10. What’s your most embarrassing moment? 
At 16 years old sneezing in class and trumping at the same time. This was in sport studies and I was the only girl, at the time it was a little embarrassing.

11. Why and how did you get into health and fitness?
Why - it seemed to be something i’d always done, enjoyed and been quite good at and after studying and really enjoying Sport and Exercise Science at university I knew it was something I wanted to pursue
How - During my final year at uni and after graduating I did all the relevant additional qualifications and began working alongside Matt, my brother, in 2007 as a personal trainer

12. What is your favourite exercise?
The simple but beautiful Deadlift

13. Who is your fitness role model?
Does Ryan Gosling count? If not then ET - the hard work and developments she has made over the past 4 months is incredible, admirable and infectious.

Summary from Matt:
As Becci is my sister I can’t be too nice ;) Becci is the glue that keeps our business together. She is an outstanding trainer, cares like you would not believe for her clients and just wants the best for everyone. Without Becci, Ali and I would have gone bust years ago. Becci is not just important to FITISM she is essential plus she’s going to give me a nephew or niece very soon and I can’t wait!! 

PT Prices


PRIVATE (1 to 1) - £50  

PARTNER (2 to 1) - £30  

BUDDY (4 to 1) - £20  

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